.I am know in a position to stock styro foam pellet wagglers, from TN floats, who specialise in handmade styrofoam pellet wagglers..

Each float is individually handmade. they also have 3 hand applied coats of clear enamel, making them much tougher than other styrofoam floats you may have used, this does not affect the buoyancy of the float at all, it just means the floats will stand the test of time much better.

Styrofoam is the best material for the pellet waggler, it's light so doesn't tend to dive like the balsa versions, this means you are less likely to spook shallow feeding fish.

They have a bamboo cane which runs right through to the tip of the float, this is also glued in place using a famous epoxy resin glue, the cane is glued the whole length inside the body and not just a bit at the end to keep it in place, the reason we glue it all the way through is because it gives the float much greater strength abd rigidity

The SSG size wagglers are approx 11.5mm in diameter

The AAA size wagglers are approx 9mm in diameter, this makes them whiteacres legal, confirmed with the whiteacres tackle shop.